Sunday, 29 January 2012

Scoundrels- "On the Edge" Design post.

Greetings! I'm glad to be on board this project, while at the same time shaking in fear at the prospect of working with these talented chaps. As for my project, I was really excited on the idea of having piracy mean whatever I wanted it to. For me, Pirates are really over-glamorized (In a good way,) because people forget, Pirates are not good guys. With that Idea in mind, I wanted to explore how these guys might work. I thought about the modern pirate, and how they pray on weak cargo and passenger ships off the coast of Africa, taking whatever they can get, and most of the time leaving the crew alive. With the idea of them operating waters they know are common routes to large yield ships, I knew this was gonna be a good source material. The pirates in my story, are of course, still somewhat likable (I mean common, why go all out evil here with protagonists?) but they are still falling short of a good creme egg. They operate and attack incoming cargo ships from their routes as they fall in orbit, waiting for the next big hit. They work in an area that is hard to keep track of by self defense systems, between space and the safety of the planets lower atmosphere.

That's the basic gist of my story, so as far as building my team, I drew on my background and some of my personal aesthetics from pirate tradition to make things nice and refreshing. For the Main Character, Cpt. Maria "La Reina" Cruz, I wanted to draw from the Caribbean tradition of pirates, where I can induce some of my Latin flavor (Yeah I-got-some-shut-up.) I then decided, since this was the future, I imagine that we probably had gone into other planets into our solar system and terraformed them into livable conditions. I then thought, since Mars was really the closest and easiest one to get to, that it would be the first one, but since the culture of man had advanced so far, that we had gone beyond our solar system. Making planets such as Mars, probably not exotic. I imagine the poorer countries of the world had eventually left Earth, and gone into Mars due to it's cheaper cost to live. I also Imagined that Mars, was a lot like how it seems now, a hot and vast desert planet. Even with Terra forming, many have a hard time making living. Forcing many people to get into tribes, and small villages and towns to make sure they had enough materials to survive. Maria is from one of these tribes, which existed as a marauding pirate and nomadic tribe. The rest of her past, I will leave to my story. Her Design was mainly inspired by that of the old Howard Pyle school of pirates, as well as a bit of Jack Sparrow and some Classic Punk style (With just a bit of predator int here.)

Now for the rest of the Team, I will just say a bit. Izzie (The Lizzard Man) is a former K'chikar Slave from his home planet K'chik. In his planet, they honor the ways of battle, and a culture of Battle Clans, and War Chieftains prevails their life. Those that fall into deep debt, or dishonor, are forced into slavery, where their sense of sight, smell, and speech, are bound within an iron mask, leaving them vulnerable, and only able to do very few tasks. Those that do survive are rare, and probably were able to brave through their chains, and rise against their former captors. "Trooper" as they call him, was once an accomplished space Marine with the Human United Coalition. Infamous for their tenacity, he was one of a few of their special forces, in charge of taking out high pay load target space ships. He then turned Mercenary, when his Marine life went south, and has ever since, been working with Maria at the helm. Izzie's Design, was influenced by horned lizards, some like the Horned Gecko. Troopers design was much more obvious, being that of giant biker dudes, like the kind that you see at big tough biker gangs.

Their primary Transport, is a large Ship, called "La Muerte Roja", or "The red death." It flies between the clouds, waiting for a chance to strike, and when it does, it delivers their small portable crafts. The main design element, was that of Harley Davidson, giant metal bikes.

And I have one more design for y'all. The design of some rather unfortunate Pilots. The design was primarily influenced by the armor design in Dead space, as well as motor bike and high altitude pressure suits.

Thanks for listening to my mad ramblings, and Hope to post some more juicy morsels for you all in the next coming weeks.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ven Kingsley - Character Design Concepts

Heyo, guys! Here's the color concept for Ven. For a while, I was working on her vest design in particular, and finally settled on this. I debated various cuts and fasteners, probably way more than I should've. I think it was always part of my mental images to include a long, black coat. I'll have pictures of her without a coat in the future, but for now, I'll mention that she's got rolled up sleeves and some woven bracelets on her left wrist.

At the end is a sketch I did of Ven before creating this sheet and finalizing her design.