Saturday, 31 March 2012

Adair Major

I knew Scoundrels was going to be something I'd enjoy. Pirates are a topic that I've always enjoyed. Mainly because in terms of the old school pirates, they're completely crazy. No one should enjoy living on water more than land. When I thought of it in terms of sci-fi pirates, my mind went to constantly loving being in the sky more than on land instead. In the current day and age, the term pirate has become very loose. We've all pirated virtual data at one point in time. I went along with that train of thought when creating my scoundrel, Adair. I have this fond side for creating characters that constantly ruin their credibility. I wanted to create a character that abuses his high paying job to get even higher paying valuables. Someone that doesn't care, someone that is fearless where most people give in.

My first attempts came out very animated due to being a full time animation student. I was pleased, but there was some things missing. My overal goal in the start was to create a personality just by features.
There's been constant tweaking in order to reach any sort of final result outfit wise.
In terms of what he does and why it entitles him as a pirate...

I've formulated this universal company that has many branches. Its goal is to have a near complete database of geographical locations and information about them. Information such as what can grow there, what species live there and governmental systems etc. Adair works alone on a team that originates from a very, very cold place. He travels to various planets to gather this information and send it back to the company. His abuse to the company is that each place has things that are valuable to them and he sneaks a little of it for himself and black markets it to gain profit. Weither it be coordinates to something nice and shiny, dirt on people, or physical riches. I feel that a pirate with a full education on both ends gives him a different edge.
Due to my intense work schedule, my progress has been slightly slower than I want it to be. Due to that, I've been trying my best to incorporate Adair into homework. So far so good.
I plan to do more in depth breakdowns and pose tests. Until then, stay cool.